IXL Products: Protecting Hardworking Machines Worldwide

IXL is a densifying agent trusted to fight the heat and friction of metal-on-metal contact better than metal conditioners.

Why a Densifying Agent Is Better Than a Conditioner

IXL works at the molecular level, bonding onto microscopic pores in the metal around 3-5 microns deep. The metal surface becomes smoother, denser, and harder. IXL reduces friction by up to 75%, increasing performance and decreasing wear and damage.

Metal conditioners contain abrasive chemicals that remove rust and corrosion, and etch metal so lubricants adhere better. Over time these chemicals will either corrode the metal or build up and clog.

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IXL Products


IXL Engine Treatments

IXL diesel and gas treatments deliver superior detergency, improved lubricity, a cetane number improvement, and corrosion inhibition for better performance.


IXL Greases

IXL Premium Greases are scientifically advanced multi-purpose lubricants designed to deliver superior performance under demanding requirements.


IXL Densifying Agent

IXL is heat activated to densify ferrous metals, bonding at the molecular level. Add IXL anywhere you need enhanced performance and reduced friction.


IXL Aerosol Lubricants

The Aerosol versions of IXL products let you take advantage of all the benefits of our IXL densifying agent or IXL Premium Grease for those hard to reach places.


IXL Solves Problems: Just Ask These Customers

What’s most exciting about IXL is how it solves real world problems. And that’s important to us, because at the end of the day, if it doesn’t solve your problems, it’s no help. Here are examples of the results our customers have seen from using IXL products.

“Thanks for keeping us going when everything else fails.”

A problem we had had involved a gearbox that drives our dough augers which is under tremendous pressure…This gearbox would last if we were lucky 3 months before we had to tear it apart and replace the thrust bearings. So we tried IXL in this tough application to see what would happen…it’s been 9 months since we used IXL in it and all we’ve had to do was our regular maintenance. We also had an oil sample taken and analysed and found no excessive wear.

Richard A (chief engineer), Flowers Baking Company

We tried IXL first in a high-pressure irrigation pump. The pump temperature was running at about 90-95 degrees Celsius. A synthetic oil dropped the temperature by about 4 degrees, but the bearing failures were still too frequent. We added IXL to the synthetic gear oil. The operating temperature dropped another four degrees. The temperature now running at about 85 degrees Celsius and the pump was in service for just over a year and a half without failure.

Tony R and Ron B, Pit King ltd

I am a mechanic in the shop and I work on all of the small equipment (approximately 150 machines). When I started here 1 year ago we were using standard 2-cycle oil. But we are now using IXL 2-cycle oil. We have noticed a big change in our equipment; less down time, more power, tune ups are cut in half, etc. Also the 20 lawnmowers we have a running a lot better thanks to IXL 2-cycle oil. I recommend this oil to anyone who has any 2-cycle engines.

Ed W (shop mechanic), The Groundskeeper

The transmission in my truck always ran about 250 degrees and if I were pulling a long hill or fairly heavy load it would reach 270 degrees. I saw a booth demonstrating IXL and bought a gallon. I changed the oil in my transmission and differentials. To my amazement the transmission only runs about 150 degrees constantly now no matter what I do. It never gets to 200 degrees. I feel a lot better about the transmission and also the differentials because they do not go over 150 degrees.

Dennis C, Flying M Ranch (trucking division)

IXL Premium Lubricants Solve Your Toughest Friction Problems, Saving You Down Time and Equipment Costs

Dig a little deeper with these IXL case studies and long-form testimonials and discover reals ways IXL solves problems.

Because this stuff works, IXL is used in many ways!

Anywhere two metals meet and cause friction, IXL and IXL products is used to densify, reducing friction and heat.

Heavy Industry

Treat your heavy equipment with IXL products to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Industrial Manufacturing

Equipment breakdowns cost money. IXL products will reduce wear on your equipment, and will save you money.


Run cooler, leaner, and cleaner with IXL. IXL improves your bottom line!


IXL can handle the extreme pressure and the moist conditions of marine operations.


IXL has been proven to reduce friction and metal wear in the most demanding racing conditions.

Grounds Equipment

When used in commercial or residential blowers, weed whackers and mowers, IXL protects engines and reduces costs.


Farming equipment gets punished, and it is expensive to replace. IXL extends the life of farming equipment.

All Terrain

IXL products are great for two cycle engines. Your toys will perform better in warm or cold conditions.

Passenger Vehicles

From sports cars to minivans, IXL products can heat and friction, increasing fuel economy and performance.